Thank you for your interest in blogging for N1CO

Before applying, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. - You blogged at least few (2-3) N1CO products in the past
  2. - You are an active blogger from at least 1year, syndicated in SL fashion feeds
  3. - One post per month is required
  4. - You have an Flickr account
  5. - You have a good taste in style and an eye for details (posing, prims and attachments adjustments, colours choice, creativity)
  6. - You send a notice in the blogger group, with the link to the post and flickr, regardless your new posting for N1CO, 
  7. - You add your pics to N1CO Group in flickr. 
  8. - I am human, i make misstakes too, constructive criticism and  advices are welcome
I don´t expect you to blog every item i sent out in the blogger group, i know i can´t meet everyone´s taste with any item released, but inactive members will be removed.

If you are still intrested in blogging for N1CO, please send your application with :

  1. Your SL Name :
  2. Blog Name:
  3. Blog URL:
  4. Flickr:
  5. Feeds:
  6. Link to your posts about N1CO :
To : Annough Lykin and/or Joys Bailey