Thursday, April 5, 2012


Dear friends! Be hold, the Mother Earth! She appeared at the Passage de Mode to give you the secret knowledge from her own hands! Join our group and take the secret to start a wonderful trip through her sons and daugthers who will share with you their best gifts for nothing! Vic the Modest will give you magic keys on your path, just find the Earth symbol!

Duration: April 5 - May 5.  


The hunt object you are looking for is a green circle with a green cross within the circle - Earth Symbol.

Hint will be listed in the hint giver of hunt poster with Vic Zuzu's face at each store location. A list of the stores and Slurl's will be listed on the blog.

Rules and info for Hunters:

1. Please be polite - refrain from calling out the location of a hunt item in local chat. Remember, store owners are watching the group chat as well and have a right to move the hunt object as many times as they like! If hunting with friends, please keep it to IM's. Also please no shouting. There are other customers, and residents nearby these stores who may not appreciate shouting.

2. Need a hint, look in the store for the hint giver of hunt poster with Vic Zuzu's face, or ask in the group chat. Please, refrain from IMing store owners for a hint.

3. As in local, please don't give direct locations in group chat, Hints are fine, going to help are fine, but direct locations are a no-no.

4. Allow for things to rez, and look around some before asking for help. Some places take longer to rez.

Having a hard time teleporting? Check your scripted attachments. Too many scripted attachments can cause issues and make getting around more difficult, take off what you don't need when it comes to scripts.

Please report all issues and difficulties with the hunt to AleiaSerenity Sapphire. Thank you!

Happy Hunting!

AleiaSerenity Sapphire,
Managing Director of MHOH Foundation.

The list:

1.  Passage De Mode

2.  Abiss

3.  Animated Living

4.  Low Prim Living

5.  Designer Prims

6.  KB Interiors

7.  Depoz

8.  Dekute Decore

9.  Tempura Decors

10.  Otentika

11.  Sasah's

12.  Badazz

13.  Silent Nights Decorations

14.  RnB

15.  Lottie

16.  Papillon Design

17.  Semiramis

18.  Snips & Snails

19.  Fuzzy Be

20.  Circa

21.  Tree House Treasures

22.  Just My Imagination

23.  Park Place Home Decor

24.  TM Creations

25.  Tranquility Way Station

26.  Dreamscapes Art Gallery

27.  Explicit Designs Beds & More

28.  Entity

29.  Serenity Style Cute Furniture

30.  Soul Possesion

31.  Adoration Home & Garden Mainstore

32.  Stars Align Designs & Zen Events

33.  InZane Design

34.  Love Interiors (adult)

35.  Bazar

36.  Diavolo Creation

37.  Domus

38.  SFW Industries

39.  BoatHouse

40.  Urban Republic Co.

41.  OBF

42.  Incredible

43.  The New Dreamland Designs

44.  Ninight Creations

45.  Noctis

46.  Regimade Store

47.  Sleepy Hollow Farms Home & Garden

48.  Old world

49.  Xplicit Main Store

50.  XED Design

51.  Cozi

52.  Luna Bliss Home & Garden

53.  Creative Decay

54.  TL Furniture

55.  Lumiere

56.  Bayview Market

57.  Jessie's Textures

58.  Crazy Garden

59.  X-clusives Animations

60.  O'e' Park & Art Gallery

61.  Rosengarten

62.  Kaerri

63.  Nocturnal Needs

64.  Spargel & Shine Homes

65.  Pira

66.  Zigana

67.  Tm Paraiso Resort Landscaping

68.  Amat Animations

69.  Sandry's

70.  Malibu Designs 

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