Thursday, August 16, 2012


Vic Zuzu's Statement (07/15/12)

Dear friends! Over 600,000 residents in SL are affected by a group bug which does not allow owners of groups with over 10.000 people to rezz the members' list in order to invite new people and assign their roles. This bug spoils our social activity for TWO YEARS and LL is not going to fix it!

What does that mean? Many people use groups to socialize in SL with other people around the world. Groups are the primary social networking tool in SL! The quality of groups depends on how much effort their owners and managers put into it. We add new designers to our fashion groups, assign roles to our tenants in land groups, invite customers to our store groups. And when our groups became popular, LL thwarts our efforts to improve the quality of our entire Second Life experience, and treats the time we spent creating socializing opportunities for residents as being worthless!

It means no popular groups, no quality hunt gifts, no parcels with lower price, no store group freebies, no promotion for new spots BECAUSE of no incentive. Owners and managers with a group over 10.000 members were very proud, but now its just a nightmare because we have so many people and do not have a right to communicate with them properly! Our work is literally paralyzed!

We all must unite to show that we do exist! Please, support the Vic Zuzu Pact against Second Life Bugs and Linden Lab Inaction! We ask you to save the main instrument for socialization and making friends in SL - our groups! Because we do all this only for you!

log in, push "Vote" and "Watch" links at the official Second Life support portal here: (on the right column under "People" tab). Right now it has just 300 votes and 60 watchers. Obviously, LL will never consider the problem with so few votes and watchers.

Our goal: 10.000 votes and 10.000 watchers!

We believe that our initiative will stimulate LL to fix this and all other bugs in Second Life faster, will start a dialog between LL administration and SL society!

Sincerely yours,
Vic Zuzu, President of MHOH Foundation.

 The Vic Zuzu Pact (07/18/12)

We, as owners and managers of the most successful groups in Second Life, as the main social agents of communication in the virtual space, as clients of LL, in order to promote equal responsibility for both LL administration and the SL community, state the following:
  1. The unilateral imposing of norms and behavior rules to date is an insufficient condition of Second Life functioning as a virtual community.
  2. As the leading provider in the field of virtual living, Linden Lab must have a higher degree of responsibility for the quality and functionality of the virtual environment.
  3. System bugs with severe priority must be fixed within a period of 28 working days starting from the date of the JIRA opening.
  4. Founders with owner's role of leading groups over 10,000 members must have social agent status among average residents in Second Life if they do not follow RL commercial purposes.
  5. Social agents must be informed about fixing process of bugs with severe priority connected with their activity once a week by responsible for fixing linden employee.
We urgently invite Linden Lab representatives to the dialog with Second Life community representatives.

Signed: Adabetha Nayl, Ajax Manatiso, Allison Selene, Aprille Shepherd, Auster Elan, Bee Dumpling, Dawnia Donogal, Ivi Bing, Kaiya Manbi, LoveCat Thei, Marisa Kira, Morea Decosta, Peche Bury, Renee Lowenhart, Roxette Mabellon, Stephan Gaudio, Vic Zuzu.