Monday, September 23, 2013

Leather Claw Gloves - extravagant

Extravagant, sexy leather gloves with metallic claws, also included the bracelets ( separetly to wear optional with the gloves) , all mesh and with texture changer hud:

- 50 different leather textures for the gloves and bracelets (10 colours each, gloves 5 styles)
- 15 different metallic textures for the claw nails

Gloves are rigged mesh, together with the claw nails.You can change textures on each glove
 ( left / right) separetly and also each claw nail on your hand.
 (for example, you can get than 2 diferent coloured gloves with 10 different coloured nails)

The bracelets are non rigged mesh. Their textures change with the gloves together and the buckle on them, change with the claw nail texture from the middle finger.They have resizer script included. (resizer can be deleted too, after you made a copy of bracelets in your inventory)