Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rebecca Steampunk Complet Outfit

Sexy, cute, mesh steampunk complet outfit , comes with a texture hud for :
- hat with an watch on it ( London time), flexi feathers,15 different textures, resizer
- dress with an chest attachment over the heart, optional to wear (with animated texture), 15 different textures for the corset and 15 for the skirt, 9 different textures for each belt,
- legwarmers with boots, 9 different textures for the legwarmers and 3 for the boots,
- texture changer hud

5 standard sizes + 1 fitted mesh for dress and lagwarmer+boots

So many textures , so many possibilities to mix and match outfits how you please.
avaible in the marketplace and also in the mainstore